Project Showcase

Coming home....

This is a great example of mixing design, style and tradition. This back entryway matches the doric columns on the front of the house to balance both front entry and back entry into this 19th century colonial styled house. The project was a mix of architectural design by a traditional local architect and the interior design of a local interior designer for maximize utility of this space. The owner wanted to add a mudroom for her family which included a space for sitting, shoes, cubicle space and storage for different seasonal sports for the family. We were able to create over 47 lineal feet of shoe storage space, 15 lineal feet of sitting space with 12 overhead storage compartments overhead. On top of this addition, we created a new exterior space by moving an interior closet, added an exterior door and build a composite deck overlooking a fantastic roof line of this historic part of town.


This traditional modern new england home included features such as this cantilevered deck that looks like it floats high above the walkways below. Planning ahead on details such as "how to" are an absolute requirement to achieve this clean, safe look.

A wall of light....

On this historic Hanover home, we reworked the sunroom to be an office and created a warm internal space that kept its lighted atmosphere. Sliding doors allow for all the summer breeze with the scent of flowers sifting through the air.

Bead board entryway

This construction remodel project was to add some style to the common entryway to a new house. The customer wanted to add some style to this new house built on specifications. This seemingly minor change also incorporated building in shelves, cubicles and a bench so visitors have a place to sit down and take off/put on their shoes. The project included high bead board to give more depth to the hallway, trim pieces to finish the trim and moulding around a pre-made shelf unit to give the appearance of custom built shelves, but kept the overall construction project cost down.

Finishing a basement....

Behind the walls is the structure. This photo highlights a basement framing including hiding all the plumbing, duct work, wiring and insulation.

Timberframe barn extension

The smiling face is John, the electrician. He was smiling as he was able to get the power to the building because of planning.... we ran the pipe to enclose the wires before the first snowfall! Luck was on our side that we thought of that possibility!

Sealed tight to the weather....

By adding these doors, this formerly drafty sunroom, became the place to work from home. Lots of light, lots of cold kept out.


This construction project was to remodel a back hallway that contained two closets with bifold doors. The customer felt that the room was crowded and also wanted to create a preparation area for larger family gatherings by adding a counter top and a second refrigerator. Additionally, the conversion of the utility room door to a matching style required some creative to solve the "make up air" issue. This concept is that the heater needs to have a constant source of air so that the unit will still be able to provide fire to heat the hot water! Lastly, we added in the ability to minimize the amount of heat that was kept in the utility room due to the small space and that there was a water heater and a whole house boiler in a small 5x5 room. We installed a thermostat to control the inline exhaust fan which removed the hot air by putting it in the basement which added a thermal layer to the entire first floor. For providing enough makeup air, each time the boiler kicks on to start, an inline fan turns on to provide a steady stream of fresh air to the boiler. From a construction point of view, our solution has been fantastic. It showed that the intelligence of all the tradesman involved provided a cost effective, energy efficient to meet the design needs of the living space.

Basic deck adds outdoor living

The homeowner wanted a deck that fit the house and the surroundings, on a budget. We lowered the deck so that the same style railings could be kept and approved by the building department. The pressure treated deck blended nicely with their wooded lot turning from a green to a light grey within 12 months.

A fantastic basement

The new house had a oversized basement with an extraordinary benefit of a high ceiling. The high ceiling allowed us to create a room that felt spacious and the addition of lights, accent lights and a variety of floor coverings created the feel of a spacious living room. Plenty of fun for adults and kids in this family oriented basement remodel.

A second story deck

This deck was worn out due to weather and age. We refurbished the floating deck with modern composite materials to add a safe, gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean.


A glimpse into painting a living room ceiling..... This video was made to showcase the speed of redoing a large ceiling while the homeowners were away at work. After completed, the only hint that we redid the ceiling, giving the room a bright, fresh appearance was the addition of the recessed lights and smell of fresh paint!

Second fridge

A summer home that needed more space for summertime food and drink. This remodel combined the 80's style bifold door replacement with updated frosted glass french doors and clean cabinetry in lieu of closets.

Fun basement

A desire for a fun basement with soft flooring adding happiness in every step.... This construction project required a colorful basement for a group of younger children to provide a fun space, while allowing for a soft floor... to prevent any injuries from an inevitable fall. This material was sourced through a specialty flooring retailer whose product specifications far exceeded any flooring available through box retailers. This project's durability has lasted for years without degrading or loss of color.

Save deck, repair house

Here is an example of a job that was not done properly. The simple addition of flashing would have saved the homeowners from the need for this job. Rather than replace a 12 year old deck, that the owner meticulously maintained yearly, we figured out how to remove the deck, repair the house and replace the same deck. The building department thought we were crazy, but lots of thought went into how to do this safely.... and it worked like a charm!

A Koi Pond....

We were tasked with how to fill in a void off a back patio... we came up with the idea of tranquil waterfall supported by an ecosystem of Koi and goldfish. The previous "dead space" is now alive and the centerpiece of tranquil outdoor living. Kates Construction Associates is known to be able to provide an interactive design solution to meet the overall goal/use of the space whether it be inside or outside....

Rafter repair...

An attempt to show our work day. In this particular job, we had to make covers over old rafters that were decaying and replace the gutters. 283 custom cut pieces of pressure treated wood and PVC were required, over 1200 nails! Now when anyone asks, "do we have experience creating custom covers for rotted rafter tails?". The answer is a resounding "YES!".

A new front entryway

This project was designed to improve the overall appearance of the entryway. After remodeling the interior, upgrading the driveway to a very tasteful design, the entryway lacked something... KCA provided :)

Kitchen Remodel

This project included removing walls (both structural and non-load bearing), integrating the floor throughout, custom tile, and a re-purposed wood island! Removed the butler's pantry to open up the space added a center island made out of reclaimed barn wood and removed a structural wall by installing engineered beams to brighten the kitchen.

Making a new entryway

New entryways, not doorways consist of the entire "entrance". We did one earlier this year. See this showcase . This time around we decided to see if we could built it in parts and then install it on-site. While it is fun to figure out if we can "productize this".... the real reason is because we wanted to stay warm in our workshop!

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A new bathroom....

Converted this 90s era bathroom to updated fixtures, tile and converted from a builder's fiberglass tub/shower to an elegant cloud glossy tile by Akdo complimented by a linen colored floor tile and a mosaic shower floor with a lineal drain for a seamless integration of modern features with a traditional elegant style. Other features include a quartz counter top with Dillon polished chrome faucet from Restoration Hardware including an in-shower Lugarno Train Rack in this oversized shower to be complimented by a frame-less glass shower door.